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Bocchi The Rock |Full Review

Fall of 2022, it was one of the most stacked seasons in anime history. Many big titles like Chainsaw Man, Mob Psycho 100, Blue Lock, Spy x Family, and My Hero Academia were released this season. With this many popular anime coming this season one anime came at the top. I am sure…

Summer Ghost Review

Fireworks, It is said that fireworks can calm the souls of the dead. Summer Ghost, it is said that only appears on the abandoned airline. It is a Ghost of a girl. Tomoya Sugisaki, Aoi Harukawa, and Ryou Kobayashi decided to meet summer ghost after hearing rumors online. They brought fireworks to the…

Chainsaw Man | Mid-Season Review

A lot of anime were hyped but none reached the hype like Chainsaw Man. After a long wait, we got the Chainsaw Man anime adaptation. I have been waiting for this for so long. We all were. After watching 6 episodes of Chainsaw Man I decided to write a Chainsaw Man review. this…

Bocchi The Rock | Mid-Season Review

Now where to start. Bocchi the Rock is a very underrated anime of this season. Most people didn’t know about this anime at the start of this season. The manga is not very popular. I was just scrolling Seasonal anime when I spotted it on MyAnimeList. I was not watching much seasonal anime…

Here are 10 Best Rem Figures you Should Buy

Rem is one of the most adored characters in anime history. She is very popular and cute which makes her very marketable. She is busty but not too much. She is the best girl of Re: Zero. Every anime fan and weeb wants a Rem Figure in her collection otherwise their collection is…

10 Anime To Watch If You Like Blue Lock

The sports genre is a very underrated genre in Anime. Typically anime contains threatening aliens or monsters attacking the Earth while the heroes fight back for humans. Not that it is terrible but it gets kind of repetitive and boring. Watching sports anime gives a breath of fresh air. There is much anime…

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