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Gen Urobhuchi’s “Eisen Flügel” light novel is getting an anime movie.

The Aniplex Online Fest 2022 event announced an anime movie adaptation of Gen Urobuchi’s Eisen Flügel light novel on Saturday. Aniplex also launched an official website, revealing the production staff, a teaser promotional video, and a teaser visual (pictured).

Eisen Flügel (アイゼンフリューゲル, Aizenfuryūgeru) is a Japanese light novel series written by Gen Urobuchi and illustrated by Higashiguchi Chūō. The series was published in two volumes under Shogakukan’s Gagaga Bunko light novel imprint from July to December 2009., which was serialized from May 2016 to September 2018.

Gen Urobuchi wrote the light novel in two volumes under Shogakukan’s Gagaga Bunko label in July and December 2009, featuring illustrations by Higashiguchi Chuuou  (Mnemosyne: Mnemosyne no Musume-Tachi).

The series was also adapted into a manga series illustrated by Anno Nanakamado. Anno Nanakamado started a manga adaptation of Eisen Flügel in HiBaNa magazine in May 2016. After that, it was transferred to the MangaONE smartphone application in December of 2017. After two years of production Eisen Flügel Manga ended in November 2018. Shogakukan published the manga in four volumes. It was published from September 2016 to November 2018.

Publish Date: September 2016 – November 2018


  • Chief Director: Seiji Mizushima(From Rakuen Tsuihou)
  • Director: Daizen Komatsuda(From Bubuki Buranki)
  • Script: Yukie Sugawara(From Overlord), Seiji Mizushima
  • Original Character Design: Takashi Takeuchi (From Fate/stay night)
  • Character Design: Keigo Sasaki (From Nanatsu no Taizai)
  • Mechanical Design: Kanetake Ebikawa (From Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans), Takayuki Yanase (From Mobile Suit Gundam 00), Fumihiro Katagai (From Princess Principal)
  • Dragon Design: Tatsuya Yoshikawa (From Bubuki Buranki design)
  • Art Director: Kusanagi(From Guilty Crown art design)
  • Design Research: Seiichi Shirato (From Drifters)
  • Music: Yuki Kajiura (From Kimetsu no Yaiba)
  • Studio: A-1 Pictures
  • Distribution: Aniplex


In a world where dragons rule the skies, mankind still dreams about taking to the skies and dominating the heavens in their place. Even during wartime, the passionate young pilot Karl Schuniz pursues his dreams, taking up his steel wings—the revolutionary new aircraft, the Blitz Vogel—to challenge the Kaiser Drache, the fastest dragon capable of supersonic flight.


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