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Bocchi The Rock | Mid-Season Review

Now where to start. Bocchi the Rock is a very underrated anime of this season. Most people didn’t know about this anime at the start of this season. The manga is not very popular. I was just scrolling Seasonal anime when I spotted it on MyAnimeList. I was not watching much seasonal anime so I decided to give it a watch and Oh! boy (spoiler for the post) it is so good.

Bocchi the rock was under the radar of many people’s sight. It is a hidden gem of this season. It is very similar to K-On and shares similar vibes.


Bocchi the Rock is a slice-of-life anime written by Aki Hamaji. Bocchi the Rock started airing in the Fall of 2022. The story of this show is very simple and relatable. The story focuses on a shy introverted girl who has not made a single friend. She struggles with extreme social anxiety. She spends her school time alone. She looks very hard to approach most of her classmates so no one tries to talk to her.

She is shy but that does not mean she does not want to talk to people so she came up with a solution if she becomes famous everyone will want to talk to her. She saw a popular band on T.V and a member of the band said that he was also alone during his school time. This inspired the girl to learn to play music so she can make friends. And from here her journeys start.


Hitori Gotoh

Hitori Gotoh.
Bocchi the Rock Review.
Character PV: Hitori Gotoh

Hitori Gotoh is the main girl of the anime. She only has 3 friends. Her friends call her Bocchi-san because she is very shy. She learned to play guitar so that people can recognize her. She started to upload music videos online. She is very talented at playing guitar solo but not with a band.

She Is the type of person that struggles to say no to people and agrees to whatever she is assigned. Even if she is not able to do it. She is very relatable that’s why so many people like her. She makes the best reactions. All she ever did was play guitar that’s why she is bad at socializing but still, she works hard and tries to talk to people and not pass out in a conversation.

The Voice acting for Hitori Gotoh really suits her. It shows what kind of character she is.

Nijika Ijichi

Nijika Ijichi
Bocchi the Rock Review
#anime Bocchi the Rock
Character PV: Nijika Ijichi

Nijika Ijichi is the leader of Kessoku Band. She is an extrovert. She met Hitori Gotoh in a park and asks her if she can join her band. She is very jolly which is shown by her smile. She works hard for her band and for band members. She makes most of the decisions for the band.

Hitori Gotoh is influenced by her personality. She helps Gotoh to socialize and become a better person of herself. She spreads smiles everywhere.

Ryou Yamada

Ryuu Yamada
Bocchi the Rock Review
#anime #animereview #BocchiTheRock
Character PV: Ryuu Yamada

Ryou Yamada is the bassist of the band. She is a co-founder of the Kessoku Band. She rarely smiles but still is able to express happiness with her smile. Her character is very funny. She is an introvert but not shy. She is able to express herself with her expressionless face.

She is very honest and I mean dead honest. She even pats Hitori Gotoh. She acts like an adult and takes care of the band.

Kita Ikuyo

Kita Ikuyo
Bocchi the Rock Review
#anime #animeicons #BocchiTheRock
Character PV: Kita Ikuyo

Kita Ikuyo is the vocalist of the Kessoku Band. She has a beautiful voice which makes her a very good vocalist. She is learning to guitar from Hitori Gotoh. She is a very social girl. She is very positive and she releases positive waves from herself. She is a quick learner.

She handles the social account of Kessoku Band. She is the polar opposite of Gotoh Hitori. She is confident and jolly. She is the youngest of them all and very childish.


The animation of Bocchi The Rock is very smooth. CloverWorks is the studio behind Bocchi the Rock and I have to say it. They did a great job. Bocchi the Rock was in production before the fall of 2021. The colors are vibrant. The animation is smooth. Narration is very smart. It feels so simple yet so refined.

The animation for the opening is very good. The opening credits show the struggle of Hitori and the help she gets from her friends. The ending song’s credits are done in Chibi style (I don’t know if that’s what it is called). The production value of Bocchi the Rock is very good. The character expressions are Chef’s Kiss.


Bocchi The Rock is a music anime so it must have good music. Well, it is good but for the most part but it is not memorable. Don’t get me wrong the op and ed songs are great but the OSTs are not memorable. Maybe, it’s just me. Tell me if you like Bocchi the Rocks OSTs.

There are 2 Ending songs for now and both of them are very good.


Bocchi the Rock is very entertaining. You will be indulged with the series if you are so what like Hitori. In every single episode, I laugh and smile. The concept of Bocchi the Rock is very interesting. Most anime about social anxiety puts characters in an unrealistic situation while this feels real and somehow it feels like we are connected with the character.

If you have not started watching Bocchi the Rock then what are you doing. Give it an episode or two and tell me your thoughts in the comment section.

Bye-Bye, Have a Good day.


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