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Chainsaw Man | Mid-Season Review

A lot of anime were hyped but none reached the hype like Chainsaw Man. After a long wait, we got the Chainsaw Man anime adaptation. I have been waiting for this for so long. We all were. After watching 6 episodes of Chainsaw Man I decided to write a Chainsaw Man review. this review will contain minor spoilers.


If for some reason you are living under the rock and don’t know about Chainsaw Man let me tell you about it. Chainsaw Man is about a boy who can turn into a Chainsaw devil. The chainsaws come out of his hands and one from his head and he uses his power to defeat devils. His goals are not unique he just to live a normal life. Also, he wants to touch some boobs and date a girl and he risks his life for it.

The boy was in debt to a mafia boss and he used to kill devils for him but after the boss’s death, the devil hunter organization took him, and now he works for them.


The characters are very bland but still watching them is entertaining. It somehow manages to make cliche characters fun to watch.


Denji is the main protagonist of the show. He used to live in poverty but after joining Devil Hunter Organization he is having a near-to-good life. Denji doesn’t know basic manners because he never went to school. His life was a mess which affected his personality. Even though he went through difficult times he is a positive person.

He cares for others. He likes animals and is able to understand the pain of others. He is very chaotic and naive. He can do anything to live a good life. He risks himself for the price of some sort of sexual gratification.


Makima is from Public Safety Devil Hunter Organization. She appears to be cool but is a manipulative person. She took Denji with him and made him a Devil Hunter. She uses sexual desires to control Denji and other people. She is the higher ranking in the Public Safety Devil Hunter. She took Denji as her human pet and cares for only her missions.

Aki Hayakawa

Aki Hayakawa is a soft-hearted person. He appears to be cold and can be rude to others, especially to other devil hunters but he is a caring person. He does not like to see other gets hurt. He lost his family because of a devil which motivated him to become a devil hinter and avenge his family.

He is very straightforward. He tells Denji if he betrayed him or sides with other devils then he will kill him. Aki Hayakawa makes sure the devil has a painful death.


Power is a fiend(fiends are humans controlled by devils). She is a blood fiend which means she can control blood. She is very chaotic much like a spoiled child. Her actions make no sense. She rushes to the scene without any thinking. She laughs at bad situations and has no sympathy for others.

She likes to boss others around. She does not like humans and openly considers them lowly beings.


MAPPA did a very good job in Chainsaw Man. At first, I was confused why was there so much CGI but after watching a few episodes I kind of like it. The animation is a mix of 3D CG and 2D art. The battle choreography is very good. The actions are very smooth.

The fights are full of blood and gore. The 3D CG shows the cruelty of the fights. The action is none stop and there is blood splitting everywhere. The fights are very aggressive and the camera angle makes them more dramatic.

Every scene is filled with background motion and each frame is clear and detailed. Now let’s talk about Opening and Ending Credit animation. Chainsaw Man’s opening animation is the same as the animation in the episodes. The special thing about Opening Credits is that it is filled with so many Easter eggs. If you want to find out more about the easter eggs click this link: Chainsaw Man’s Opening is WAY smarter than you think.

There are many ending songs with different credit animations and all of them are very good.


Chainsaw Man’s music is very very good. It is splendid. There is one Opening and twelve Ending Songs. For now, only six of them are released and every single one of them is great. Other than op and eds the OST of the Chainsaw Man hits very hard. I am in love with the battle music used in the fight with Bat-Devil.


This show is filled with emotions and great fights. The story is average but it does not need a complex story. The pacing is very good. There was not even a single second in which I was bored watching Chainsaw Man. If you like action anime filled with blood and gore then this anime is for you.

Which Ending Song is your favorite? Mine is the second ed from Zutomayo. Comment down below and don’t forget to like the post.


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