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Summer Ghost Review

  • Titles: Summer Ghost
  • Genre: Supernatural
  • Studio: Flat Studio

Fireworks, It is said that fireworks can calm the souls of the dead. Summer Ghost, it is said that only appears on the abandoned airline. It is a Ghost of a girl. Tomoya Sugisaki, Aoi Harukawa, and Ryou Kobayashi decided to meet summer ghost after hearing rumors online. They brought fireworks to the airline and lit them. Shortly the summer ghost appeared before them. They all are surprised to see the ghost. A beautiful ghost. The ghost can only be seen by the people within arm’s reach of death.


Summer Ghost is produced by Flat Studio. I have never heard of Flat Studio before. Summer Ghost’s budget was not high, but still, they did a great job. Summer Ghost is a short movie that has a unique art style. The animation is not smooth but in my opinion, it is better this way. The unsmooth animation fits the art style very well. It really gives a sad vibe to the anime movie.

Story And Characters

The story and characters are what make this anime so entertaining. The characters have pretty decent designs. Each character is average looking. The three main characters are confused teenagers trying to find answers to their questions about death. Summer Ghost a ghost who can answer their questions can only be seen by people near arm’s reach of death.

Each of them can see the Summer Ghost. Trying to find the questions to their answers Tomoya Sugisaki has grown a liking to the ghost and began to meet her regularly. As he spends more and more time with her he senses that the Summer Ghost is hiding something from him.

Tomoya Sugisaki

Tomoya Sugisaki is the one that gathers the other two to help him find the Summer Ghost. He is a teenager who is tired from life. A part of him wants to die while a part of him wants to live on. He is mentally confused and wants to find answers.

Aoi Harukawa

Aoi Harukawa is a high school girl. She gets bullied in her school and hates her life. She is a suicidal person. She is mentally stressed and does not have friends that would help her.

Ryou Kobayashi

Ryou Kobayashi is one of the main trios. He is physically unwell. He used to play basketball but now he lost interest in it. He has many questions about death and the afterlife which he wants answers to.


The Music of this anime is gold. The OSTs are short and there are not many OSTs as the anime is also short but the main theme hits so hard. The music is perfect in this anime. It opens a new path to a beautiful world in our minds.


Even though the anime was short it sure was very good and enjoyable. The whole 40 minutes of the movie were interesting.

It is an underrated and underappreciated gem that most people are not familiar with. I would highly recommend this to you. Give it a try and after watching it write your thoughts down in the comment section below.

See you guys next time.


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