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Bocchi The Rock |Full Review

Fall of 2022, it was one of the most stacked seasons in anime history. Many big titles like Chainsaw Man, Mob Psycho 100, Blue Lock, Spy x Family, and My Hero Academia were released this season. With this many popular anime coming this season one anime came at the top. I am sure you know about this. It’s Bocchi the Rock.

Bocchi the Rock came at the top this season. Everyone is talking about it. If you don’t know about this then let me give you a little introduction to this anime.


Bocchi The Rock is a CGDCT anime. Bocchi the Rock is very funny and relatable. It focuses on a girl with severe social anxiety. The girl struggles even in making eye contact with others. The girl learns to play guitar so that she can join a band and have a chance to talk with others. She then met three other girls in the band and then they form an unbreakable bond. The girl’s wish to make her friends came true but she has so much to learn and improve in her life.


I have talked about Bocchi’s characters before. Characters are the elements that make one anime shine and Bocchi The Rock’s characters are really special. The confidence of the writer to carry a show just by its characters. This shows how good a writer really is. All the characters are relatable and each one is special in their own way.

Hitori Gotoh

Hitori Gotoh.
Bocchi the Rock Review.
Character PV: Hitori Gotoh

Hitori Gotoh is a sweet and shy girl. She is very good at staying alone. She spent her entire school life alone without making any friends. It’s not like she does not want to make any friends but rather she couldn’t. Her only socializing experience is with her family and her dog. She is the perfect example of a shut-in.

She is very likable. Hitori Gotoh is very relatable. She is the mirror of my soul. If someone says that they do not like her personality then I feel like they are insulting me. She represents every anime fan in the world. The way that she thinks and overthinks is so relatable. She creates awkward situations in her head that do not even exist or will not exist at all.

Nijika Ijichi

Nijika Ijichi
Bocchi the Rock Review
#anime Bocchi the Rock
Character PV: Nijika Ijichi

Nijika Ijichi is a very kind and jolly person. She is the drummer and leader of the Kessoku Band. Her positive mindset helps her to motivate others. She is the type of person who can put a smile on others’ faces. She is a responsible person and often acts like an adult.

Nijika holds the group together. She makes important decisions for the band and tries her best so everyone feels comfortable in the group.

Ryou Yamada

Ryuu Yamada
Bocchi the Rock Review
#anime #animereview #BocchiTheRock
Character PV: Ryuu Yamada

Ryou Yamada is the bassist of the Kessoku Band. She is also an introvert but a confident one. She is confident in her skills. She is very funny and can make jokes with a straight face. She is very good at reading other people. Ryou is a strange girl with a mischievous sense of humor, coming across as a person who likes to mess with others.

She has a mysterious atmosphere around her. She is very bad at financial management and often borrows money from others and forgets to return it. She spends her money on musical instruments and doesn’t have money for her own food that’s what her friend’s money is for. She often eats weed if she does not have money to buy her food. She is ok with being called a weirdo.

Ikuyo Kita

Kita Ikuyo
Bocchi the Rock Review
#anime #animeicons #BocchiTheRock
Character PV: Kita Ikuyo

Ikuyo Kita is the vocalist and guitarist of the Kessoku Band. She joined Kessoku Band before but left because she lied about being a guitarist. Ikuyo Kita is hard working girl. She tries her best to keep a good impression in others’ eyes. Ikuyo is very positive and shines like a star.

Ikuyo Kita is very childish. Because she is an extrovert she has many friends outside of the band. She follows the latest trends. She is also socially anxious but she tries to look good in front of others. She makes promises that she can not complete.


The animation and art are so smooth. Clover works did a great job animating this anime. This is no doubt their best work. You can see the passion in the making of this anime. They also use CGI and clay dolls for animation. They went beyond the normal drawing to make this anime. They used real-life pictures, and hands and even used bad CGI and used it for comedy.


Bocchi The Rock is a music anime so it must have good music. Well, the music is very good. I started watching Bocchi The Rock with very low expectations and I also had low expectations for the music but like everything else Bocchi The Rock also have great music. There are many different songs. There are 4 Ending songs and all of them are very good. They all have live versions and lyric videos available on youtube. Bocchi’s music does not disappoint. It slaps very hard.


Bocchi the Rock is very entertaining. One of the main reasons is that it is very relatable. This anime has great comedy. You will have at least one hard laugh in each episode. There are a lot of Easter Eggs and references to other bands and anime. Wait Did I mention Hitori Gotoh goes Super Saiyan. There are many more references.

Even if you don’t like CGDCT anime you will surely like this anime. If you have not started watching Bocchi the Rock then what are you doing. Give it an episode or two and tell me your thoughts in the comment section.

Bye-Bye, Have a Good day.


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  1. I binged it in just two days, but I personally had mixed feelings about it. The animation is fantastic, and the music is catchy, but I felt that the character development could have been stronger. Nevertheless, it’s an enjoyable and heartwarming show that many viewers will appreciate, especially those who can relate to the main character’s struggles with social anxiety.

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